Strength – it’s all in your head 

Do you ever feel like you’re so strong that, you know, you think you can lift a monument… hey, maybe one day! 

But actually, it could be possible. Strength is all in your mind. Apparently, the thing that stops you from lifting heavier weights isn’t your ability to do so, but your brain’s incapability of believing that you are as strong as your body was designed for. 

Did you know that chimps are as much as 4x stronger than humans

Excuse me, what? 

Yeah.. so apparently our nervous systems exert more control over our muscles. In other words, chimps go bananas while we only have the ability to go, well 1/4 of that.

We have superpowers that we aren’t even aware of, and it’s superstrength, but our brain blocks it out to conserve energy

Except, maybe it’s for our own good. We don’t need to be lifting such heavy weights in order to feel strong. Our bodies are just protecting us from injuries that usually come along with lifting more than we can withstand (momentarily). 
So, maybe now you’re thinking “I want to be as strong as a chimp – let’s see how much heavier I can lift than any other human has done before (6,270lb backlift). But be aware that your brain is telling your body “ok enough is enough”. Listen to your body to avoid injuries – and remember, strength isn’t just about lifting the heaviest objects! 


Not a Yogi, Just Love Yoga

The gym may not be for everyone. Lifting may not be for everyone. Running long or short distance may not be for everyone. Boxing or kickboxing may not be for everyone. Spin class or boot camp may not be for everyone. HIIT may not be for everyone. There is a type of excersie that is for everyone, however. I’ve named so many fitness activities, so which one is it, you may ask? 

Well, if you couldn’t figure it out by the title or this post, it’s yoga. Yoga is for everyone, and if you are thinking to yourself right now – yoga isn’t for me, what’s this crazy chick talking about – then you’re wrong (unless you’re totally dead set on hating yoga, then you do you man).

 I say yoga is for everyone because it’s not just a great activity that stretches your entire body, works on your balance, provides your muscles with strength, and teaches you endurance – but it sooooothes your soul. It’s also accesible to any age group, since you have the power to move at your own pace. 

If you’re a bodybuilder, a football player, 70 year old woman, you can do yoga because there are various types of yoga. Some are intense and vigorous, and others are relaxing and meditative. So just because you aren’t flexible or your body can’t bend the way you see some people bending, you can, and should, still do yoga! And everyone needs to relax once in a while, don’t you think so?

You can practice yoga from the comfort of your own home, in a studio, at work, in a bathroom (if you please) – the point is, it’s easy to do it anywhere. And it’s non-judgmental, so as long as you aren’t hurting yourself, you really can’t do it wrong. 

Coming from someone who thrives with gloves and a boxing bag, I enjoy yoga because it allows me to RELAX and take off some stress. And I’ll be honest, I’m on my phone a lot, so being able to detach myself from technology isn’t such a bad thing.

“Better indeed is knowledge than mechanical practice. Better than knowledge is meditation. But better still is surrender of attachment to results, because there follows immediate peace.“ Bhagavad Gita.

Overtraining – Say What Now?

Recently, there’s no time to take pics at the gym because I’m too busy getting the grind on. Except, am I grinding a little bit too hard? Overtraining, as much as we all hate to see it, is very much a thing. Progress takes time and dedication, and you (or I) won’t see change in a day. Busting your ass at the gym for 3 hours a day isn’t as effective as you think. Overtraining can actually cause halted progress . According to Muscle Model champion and transformation trainer Micah LaCerte, “When you’re overtraining, your body is going in the opposite direction of growth, because your muscles are torn and all you’re doing is re-tearing them again“. Easy enough to understand, right? So, get your grind on – but take it easy sometimes too. Training is good for your body, but there are alternatives to consistently putting tremendous stress on your body – like implementing more low intensity exercises into your routine.