Run, Forrest! Run!

“That day, for no particular reason, I decided to go for a little run”. This quote just so happens to come from one of my favorite movies, Forrest Gump. His motivation to run was simply because he wanted to run, or maybe it went all the way back to when he was being chased by bullies and Jenny yelled out her very memorable line, “Run,  Forrest! Run!”.

Everyone’s motivation to run, or exercise, is different. Some people like it, some people despise it. Regardless of which person you are, there has to be a type of motivation out there for you to get your running shoes on and to get going.

For example, my motivation to exercise is to continuously live a better life, and stay on track to feel healthy and happy. For some people, this isn’t enough.

There are six types of motivation that can work for just about everyone, and they include   achievement, growth, power, social, fear, and incentive. However, if these seem too advanced for you, there are other ways to get motivated.

You can be motivated by your music playlist, your workout apparel, the cute guy/girl at the gym, the various fitness activities you can complete, the steam room/sauna after you’re finished, the clothes that will feel a lot bigger in a month, the number of miles you run… you get the point.

Motivation comes from within, and there can definitely be influencers that are impactful (like me, I hope). If you don’t think you can be motivated by yourself to work out, then you should definetly speak with someone that enjoys doing what you dread the most. There is a reason why some people love it, and all it takes is asking “why”.

So if you’re lacking motivation, try it out anyways, and one day, for no particular reason, just decide to go for a little run. See how far this technique takes you, and maybe you’ll pick up some motivation along the way!


“Strong Over Skinny”

So “strong over skinny” – what exactly does that mean? Maybe it’s a phrase you’ve heard before, but you haven’t given it any second thought. I want to just clear something up – by no means am I shaming any body type! Everyone is shaped differently, and no one should ever be embarrassed by their bodies – or poke fun at someone else’s. Some people are naturally skinny & healthy – and workout and have a good diet. And some people are naturally NOT skinny, but they’re healthy, workout and have a good diet. I’m advocating for health & fitness, regardless of your body type. I just so happen to have bigger bones, and my frame has never been “skinny”. So if you identify with me, then awesome! If you don’t, I hope you still find my posts inspiring! Anyways, strong isn’t better than skinny or vice versa – it’s the desire to BE strong, not be afraid to have some muscles, and to not be afraid to enjoy a body that may not fit other people’s image of “perfection”.